Mulberry Harbour

Warm, organic and eclectic electronic music and soundtracks


Acoustic Electronica Neoclassical/Orchestral Ambient Folk Rock/Indie

Mulberry Harbour produces soundtrack music combining the warmth, phrasing and individuality of live recording with electronica, samples and programming. As well as producing commissioned music, a large number of pre-cleared tracks are available for licensing.


Electronica, fingerpicked guitars, musical saw, and a whole lot more

Often combining live recordings on an old 8-track with digital software, Mulberry Harbour's methods include self-sampling fragments of finger-picked guitar, cuatro, bowed saw and theremin; recording ambient sounds and snatches of conversation on a mobile phone in lifts, bars and tunnels; and stripping randomly generated drum patterns into skeletons of their former selves. The result is an at times quixotic combination of sounds such as the Morriccone-esque harmonica vs. percussion of Electric Candle Machine and the fragile, haunting melody of bowed saw over metronomical beat on The Water Boatman


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Commissioned work examples

BBC Three

Blues/desert rock track produced to spec for the trailer for Amy: My body for bucks, BBC 3 Seriously Young Season.


Dinnick & Howells

Track produced for Dinnick & Howells combining self-performed Mexican mariachi band with a Victorian fairground music sample, for the soundtrack to an animated Doritos ad.


Channel 5

15 instrumental tracks including closing titles commissioned for an hour long Centini documentary in the Extraordinary People series. Primetime broadcast, audience over 2.5 million.


Licensees via Getty/Pump Audio include


Pick of the bunch

  • Bibio
  • IDM, electronica and folk producer on Warp, with penchant for field recordings and found sounds

  • Max Richter
  • Incredibly beautiful and moving modern classical with spoken word samples and hints of electronica

  • Paavoharju
  • Almost unclassifiable Finnish collective of free folk experimentalists

  • Steve Reich
  • Pioneer of minimalist music, speech melody and phasing

  • Sufjan Stevens
  • Multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter partial to a bit of banjo

  • Alarm Will Sound
  • 20 member chamber orchestra recording contemporary music, including acoustic arrangements of Aphex Twin

  • Lambchop
  • pioneers led by the irrepressible Kurt Wagner, who occasionally veer into soul, rock and lounge

  • Philip Glass
  • Diverse contemporary classical music, with use of 'repetitive structures'. Rousing, epic soundtrack work on Mishima and Candyman

  • Nick Drake
  • The epitome of the melancholy English singer-songwriter

  • Iron & Wine
  • Sam Beam's outfit, hushed songs and mesmerising fingerpicked guitar

  • Hauschka
  • Dusseldorf composer who explores the possibilities of prepared piano

  • Goldmund
  • Slow-paced, wieightless piano music from Keith Kenniff (Helios), close mics capturing every keysound

  • Four Tet
  • Kieran Hebden's instrumental pot pourri of electronica, folktronica, jazz, techno

  • Sparklehorse
  • Alt.rock, horses and home recording from Danger Mouse collaborator Mark Linkous